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Tarti – Native Olive Oil Extra from the island of Lesbos

Our "Tarti" is a very special oil. It is made to approx. 90% from Kolovi olives (κολοβες) and 10% from Adramitiani olives. The Adramitiani olive originates from the western Turkish coast and, as far as I know, grows only on Lesbos in Greece. Its subtle "spiciness" gives this oil its unique peppery flavour and is a quality characteristic.

I wish to mention here that, owing to the exclusivity of this oil, large quantities from Lesbos were exported to Italy at very low prices for years and were marketed as "Italian olive oil"!

Highest quality grade: Native Olive Oil Extra

In Europe, olive oil is classified according to quality grades. European Regulation (EC) No. 1234/2007 distinguishes eight categories for olive oil: In these, the quality labels are defined under that olive oil can be sold.  Our olive oil has the highest quality grade – "Natives Olive Oil Extra"!

Protective geographical indication

Lesbos has a long tradition as olive cultivation region. Therefore, the olive oil from this island has a Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I.) based on that each production company can unambiguously be identified. Via this number, you can trace every bottle of Tarti olive oil back to our production firm.

Agrocert certified

Both the production firm of Maria Anagnostou and its products have been certified by the independent certification organisation Agrocert. The POC/182-5949.06 certificate certifies the origin of the product.

Current prices

Our olive oil is available in the following grades and containers:

• Tarti bio olive oil extra vergin, 750 ml glass bottle, € 13,-
  (incl. 10% VAT, price / l = € 17,33)

• Tarti bio olive oil extra ergin, 500 ml glass bottle, € 9,-
  (incl. 10% VAT, price / l = € 18,-)

• Tarti bio olive oil extra vergin, 5 l-canister, € 61,-
  (incl. 10% VAT, price / l = € 12,20)

• Tarti olive oil ungefiltert extra vergin, 750 ml glass bottle, € 12,-
  (incl. 10% VAT, price / l = € 16)

• Tarti olive oil extra vergin, 5 l-canister, € 55,-
  (incl. 10% VAT, price / l = € 11,-

Enquires & Orders:

Gerda Frankenstein
Mobile: +43 664 234 80 61

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