Olive oil from Lesbos – "The only thing we still have" Hope for two families to improve their quality of life!

Gerda Frankenstein

"Gerda, you have seen what life is like here! We live today and don't know how we can make a living tomorrow. We have olive oil, good, very good olive oil! Do you think we might be able to sell it in Austria? What else could we do? Will you help us?" – Those were the questions my very good friend Sami on Lesbos asked me in early 2012. "Yes," was my reply, and thus a new chapter of my life began.

I am now engaged in the distribution of food which I buy directly from producers from Greece and Austria. The goal is to establish a fair trade with European products. Unfortunately, it is not a given that agricultural producers receive the true value for their products, not even here in the EU.

Solidarity for Quality – The benefits of this concept:

  • The producers receive the full value of their products.
  • I, as the dealer, take over the recommended selling prices of my suppliers; both sides can make a living from this.
  • You, as the consumer, purchase a fine product at a fair price. Origin, route of transport and pricing are transparent and clear.
  • The fair prices place the producers in a position to produce the product in the highest quality and to market it in Europe.