Olive Oil from Lesbos – Solidarity for Quality

You have probably heard all about the current economic situation in Greece! I spent the past two years in Greece, on the island of Lesbos, and living in a small village, I experienced the effects of the austerity measures first hand through my male and female friends; I experienced what it means when people can't find work, when salaries of teachers are reduced from 1,200 to 700 Euros, when businesses must close down while banks are still expecting the monthly repayments, when people are unable to pay their electricity accounts, when there is no Euro left for heating fuel or petrol, when new taxes are introduced thus placing new burdens on families every day, when....

At the same time, however, I also saw with what great work effort people try to feed on produce from their own soil and how proud they are of their fruit and especially of their olive oil. Lesbos is the island of olives (and of Ouzo!). I helped with the harvest and know what back breaking work olive picking is. Now, the foundation for trade is to be laid with the "prototype delivery".

Trade at fair prices – directly from the producers

Before the economic crisis, there had been no need for small farmers to market their oil internationally as all family members held good jobs or managed their own firms (e. g. businesses in the hospitality sector or in craft). However, Greek guests and customers have stayed away in the past few years and many small business owners went bankrupt and are in debt.

The omnipresent and naturally existing olive oil, which determines the course of the year and everyday life on Lesbos, has now become the last beacon of hope for many families to earn a few Euros. Oil from Lesbos is still an insider's tip!

To bypass corruption and exploitation from multinational olive oil companies («We will buy one litre from you at a price of three Euros!») and to promote fair trade at fair prices, it is now possible to purchase our «olive gold» from Lesbos directly from us, the producers!

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Thank you! Danke! Ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ!

Gerda Frankenstein
Maria and Strati Anagnostou
Dimitrios Samios

Tarti Olivenöle

Extra Virgin (0,75l / 5l)

Tarti extra virgin is available in two packages. Choose from the classic 0.75 liter glass bottle* and the 5 l canister for bulk purchaser.

Organic Olive Oil Extra Virgin (1l)

We can offer Tarti extra virgin olive oil in certified organic quality. The organic olive oil is filled in a 1 liter glass bottle*.

* All bottle sizes can be supplied individually or in boxes of 12 bottles.